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The Colorado Toffee Story

Colorado Toffee started many moons ago in the early 2000's when my dad would make toffee just for some family and only around the holidays. People loved it so much they convinced him to start selling it online, he would advertise on small online forums and only ever made enough to cover the costs to make and ship it. My dad got tired of doing all of that and eventually stopped selling it. Christmas break 2021 when I was home from college my dad was making toffee to give to some friends and told me that if I sold it people would buy it. As a young ambitious college student I immediatly got on building Colorado Toffee again, I made the website from scratch and spent hours and hours experimenting with new toffee recipies.

Colorado Toffee is a family owned small business. Our family's toffee recipe has been around for so long that there's no written copy of it. Every batch of toffee is hand made to order with care. Our English style almond toffee is made with only water, sugar, almonds, butter, chocolate, and a pinch of salt. Order plenty, we promise you'll love it.