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Verified Review The Pecan Brittle is my absolute favorite, I've never had anything like it and certainly nothing this good. It might be my favorite candy ever Mike 2024-01-17
Verified Review The Peanut Brittle is my new favorite, I was obsessed with the pecan brittle until I tried to peanut brittle. Already wishing I had bought more! Mike 2024-01-17
Verified Review Absolutely love the toffee! Wonderful texture Aubree 2024-01-16
Verified Review Best toffee ever! So many different flavors & such amazing quality! Caitlyn 2024-01-15
Verified Review The toffee was awesome as usual, but the bourbon butterscotch was amazing. I keep coming back for more! J. Furne 2023-10-23
Verified Review This is delicious! The salted chocolate almond toffee is my favorite. I would highly recommend this as a gift to someone special. Claudia A. 2023-05-10
Verified Review Best toffee I have tried. Great texture and superb taste!!! Very nice packaging also! Richard L. 2023-05-10
Verified Review I recently hosted a team meeting in Denver and was looking for a unique food product for my gift bags. In doing some research, I found that toffee was very popular. Colorado Toffee chef was willing to pair our bourbon with his toffee by creating a custom product. The finished product was delicious!! Chef Michael was a pleasure to work with. Robin C. 2023-03-27
Verified Review Fantastic toffee! It has the perfect amount of almond and salt to balance the sweetness. Melt in your mouth delicious. A box has plenty to share (not that you’d want to after trying)! Carter 2023-03-03
Verified Review Once you start eating the butterscotch chews you have to force yourself to stop. They are so good like a drop of heaven landed in your mouth. Matthew B. 2023-02-13
Verified Review I was craving good old fashioned candy from my childhood and this definitely did not disappoint! The toffee was so decadent and delicious I enjoyed every bite I took. I liked the fact that you can actually take a bite and not break your teeth--the toffee is buttery and with just enough crunch and the chocolate is delicious and tastes like chocolate, not just sugar. The box it comes in even reminds you of the days the old candy shops. Highly recommend Colorado Toffee! Lynne 2023-01-03
Verified Review This is the best. Love the milk chocolate and spicy toffee the best Vicki S. 2022-11-30
Verified Review the best classic chocolate almond toffee ever! its a must for this gift-giving season Samantha 2022-11-28
Verified Review I'm not normally a big fan of confectionery items, BUT, this Toffee is in a completely different category. The texture of each bite is very satisfying and decadent, so I normally just need 1 to 2 pieces after dinner. This is a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays for sure! Alan C. 2022-10-17
Verified Review The classic chocolate almond toffee is really great! It arrived super fresh, loaded with almonds, and a delicious flavor. This makes a great gift. I'm super satisfied, and definitely recommend this product. FT 2022-10-04
Verified Review Toffee was wonderful Best I have ever had will buy it again Sheri 2022-09-27
Verified Review 10/10 recommend the classic chocolate almond toffee! It was so delicious and I loved the roasted nuts. They really enhanced the flavor. My order even came with pecan brittle samples. I definitely will be ordering more! Cassidy 2022-09-11
Verified Review We received the Spicy Chocolate Almond Toffee as a gift and absolutely loved it! The flavor combination is unique and delicious. I'll be using this company again! Jeanne 2022-09-06
Verified Review I ordered the milk chocolate almond toffee and it's absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it! Customer service is amazing! I'll definitely order again! Audrey T. 2022-09-01
Verified Review This stuff is fantastic! Bought two pounds of it and it was gone within a couple days of arrival. I'm also not sure where else you can get spicy toffee. Let alone that's this good! Will be back for more. Chris M. 2022-08-27
Verified Review My family loves this Colorado Toffee. Most recently, we ordered the Spicy Chocolate Almond Toffee and the Classic Chocolate Almond Toffee. I am used to my great grandmother's homemade candies and this is just as delicious. The toffee has the right hardness and texture (Not brick hard!) and the classic chocolate is amazing. I had never tasted a Spicey Dark Chocolate Toffee, and this is incredible. I was so happy, we ordered extra boxes. I will definitely order more as gifts and one to hide for me!! Mom's deserve a secret stash! Thank you Colorado Toffee!! Sharon 2022-08-25
Verified Review The pecan brittle was outstanding!! I bought two boxes - one to take to a dinner party, and one for me. Good thing because the box for the party was half eaten before we got there! SO GOOD!!! Holly 2022-08-02
Verified Review I'm very satisfied with my order. I had a few special requests and the owner was quick to respond (and very accommodating). The toffee is fantastic, I ordered two pounds of it, and I suspect it won't last through the weekend. Highly recommend. Rachel R. 2022-07-15
Verified Review Got some from a friend and they are really. I really recommend the classic chocolate!!! Robel 2022-06-03
Verified Review Very much enjoyed my first order! ! Anxious to try all the flavors! Spreading the Colorado Toffee name throughout Minnesota. A friend of mine has ordered 3 times!! Sharon D. From Minnesota 2022-05-27
Verified Review This is the best toffee I've had in years. It's incredibly fresh, flavorful, and the textures are amazing. I would give this as a gift in a heartbeat, and I plan to freeze some for myself. Liz S. 2022-05-27
Verified Review I received a box of the milk chocolate almond toffee as part of my gift for Mother's Day. So glad my daughter introduced me to these! I could have eaten the whole box in one sitting. Not only did the toffee taste wonderful but it was in a cute box. I am definitely going to be ordering these to give as gifts. And of course, I look forward to ordering more of the milk chocolate and trying out the others as well! Bea N. 2022-05-18
Verified Review I have tried all of the flavours and LOVED them all, especially the classic chocolate toffee!! These were the best toffee I've ever bought and I can't wait to buy more soon :) Koko 2022-04-19
Verified Review Ordered a couple pounds over Christmas, it was great! I tried several of the varieties and they were all fantastic, the whole family loved it. Also the shipping was fast and it showed up earlier than expected. I will be ordering again in the future. Would definitely recommend! Grant P 2022-04-16
Verified Review Every time i take a bite of this toffee it surprises me how good it is every single time. I'm on my 4th pound already and I have no intention to stop Michael B. 2022-04-02
Verified Review Just got my first (of many) order of toffee. We got the Salted Chocolate Almond and Milk Chocolate Almond. Both were DELICIOUS! They came in a timely manner, in an adorable box, which makes me think this is a great gift idea and amazing! I give this an A++ and will be ordering again soon! Tegan C. 2022-04-01
Verified Review Amazing toffee! The dark chocolate was a family favorite! Second order already in! Grant P. 2021-14-12
Verified Review I wanted to eat the whole pound as soon as it got here Morgan S. 2021-10-12