What is Butterscotch?
Butterscotch is a very old candy that can be made a million different ways. Unlike the artificially flavored hard candies you can find in the supermarket isle we cook our butterscotch soft and chewy.
Habanero Butterscotch
$16 / 8oz
1 Review
8 Ounces (About 30 - 35 pieces) of chewy spicy butter scotchy delicious candies. Soft cooked butter scotch candies that melt in your mouth with amazing flavor. Cooked with real Habanero's for a nice kick. We individually each piece of butterscotch to keep them from sticking in shipping.
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Habanero Butterscotch Reviews
Verified Review Once you start eating the butterscotch chews you have to force yourself to stop. They are so good like a drop of heaven landed in your mouth. Matthew B. Old Fashioned Butterscotch
Bourbon Butterscotch
Habanero Butterscotch
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