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Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee
$18 per pound
Our English Style Almond Toffee is draped in luscious milk chocolate and topped with toasted almonds for even more toffee flavor. A slightly sweeter take on our classic Dark Chocolate covered toffee. A pound of toffee can feed 1-8 people depending on how selfish you feel.
Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee Reviews
I was craving good old fashioned candy from my childhood and this definitely did not disappoint! The toffee was so decadent and delicious I enjoyed every bite I took. I liked the fact that you can actually take a bite and not break your teeth--the toffee is buttery and with just enough crunch and the chocolate is delicious and tastes like chocolate, not just sugar. The box it comes in even reminds you of the days the old candy shops. Highly recommend Colorado Toffee! -Lynne
This is the best. Love the milk chocolate and spicy toffee the best -Vicki S.
I'm not normally a big fan of confectionery items, BUT, this Toffee is in a completely different category. The texture of each bite is very satisfying and decadent, so I normally just need 1 to 2 pieces after dinner. This is a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays for sure! -Alan C.
I ordered the milk chocolate almond toffee and it's absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it! Customer service is amazing! I'll definitely order again! -Audrey T.
I'm very satisfied with my order. I had a few special requests and the owner was quick to respond (and very accommodating). The toffee is fantastic, I ordered two pounds of it, and I suspect it won't last through the weekend. Highly recommend. -Rachel R.
I received a box of the milk chocolate almond toffee as part of my gift for Mother's Day. So glad my daughter introduced me to these! I could have eaten the whole box in one sitting. Not only did the toffee taste wonderful but it was in a cute box. I am definitely going to be ordering these to give as gifts. And of course, I look forward to ordering more of the milk chocolate and trying out the others as well! -Bea N.
I have tried all of the flavours and LOVED them all, especially the dark chocolate toffee!! These were the best toffee I've ever bought and I can't wait to buy more soon :) -Koko
Just got my first (of many) order of toffee. We got the Salted Chocolate Almond and Milk Chocolate Almond. Both were DELICIOUS! They came in a timely manner, in an adorable box, which makes me think this is a great gift idea and amazing! I give this an A++ and will be ordering again soon! -Tegan C.
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Colorado Toffee is a family owned small business. Our family's toffee recipe has been around for so long that there's no written copy of it. Every batch of toffee is hand made to order with care. Our English style almond toffee is made with only water, sugar, almonds, butter, chocolate, and a pinch of salt. Order plenty, we promise you'll love it.