What is Brittle?
Brittle is a vague term that usually means a hard candy with nuts in it. Normally brittle is cooked with no butter at all. This gives brittle a harder and more brittle (hence the name) glass like texture. We think this is the wrong way to cook brittle, we include plenty of butter in our recipe to give our brittles an unmatched richness and depth
Peanut Brittle
$21 / pound
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A journey into what brittle can be. Our famous candy base that makes our pecan brittle and toffee famous with a peanut twist. Salty, buttery, and oh so rich this peanut brittle is like nothing you’ve ever had before.
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Peanut Brittle Reviews
Verified Review The Peanut Brittle is my new favorite, I was obsessed with the pecan brittle until I tried to peanut brittle. Already wishing I had bought more! Mike Peanut Brittle
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