What is Brittle?
Brittle is a vague term that usually means a hard candy with nuts in it. Normally brittle is cooked with no butter at all. This gives brittle a harder and more brittle (hence the name) glass like texture. We think this is the wrong way to cook brittle, we include plenty of butter in our recipe to give our brittles an unmatched richness and depth
Pecan Brittle
$26 / pound
3 Reviews
What if you took our delicious almond toffee and added pecans instead? Thats exacly what we did. Our Pecan brittle is a lucious rich brittle that will give you visions of pecan pie with every bite.
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Pecan Brittle Reviews
Verified Review The Pecan Brittle is my absolute favorite, I've never had anything like it and certainly nothing this good. It might be my favorite candy ever Mike Pecan Brittle
Verified Review Fantastic toffee! It has the perfect amount of almond and salt to balance the sweetness. Melt in your mouth delicious. A box has plenty to share (not that you’d want to after trying)! Carter Classic Chocolate Almond Toffee
Pecan Brittle
Verified Review The pecan brittle was outstanding!! I bought two boxes - one to take to a dinner party, and one for me. Good thing because the box for the party was half eaten before we got there! SO GOOD!!! Holly Pecan Brittle
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