The Colorado Toffee Story

How old colorado family recipes are being re-invigorated

Our cherished family toffee recipe has been a treasured secret for generations, its exact age shrouded in mystery. This special formula, never committed to paper, has been meticulously handed down through the years. From father to son and mother to child, each generation has faithfully preserved the unique techniques that define our toffee's distinctive taste.

Colorado Toffee traces its humble beginnings back to the early 2000s. Initially, it was a festive treat crafted by my father exclusively for family gatherings during the holiday season. The toffee soon gained a beloved status among our friends and relatives, who encouraged him to broaden its reach. Heeding their advice, he began selling our family's creation online, using small forums for promotion. His efforts were modest, aimed only at covering the costs of production and shipping.

However, over time, my father stepped back from this venture. It was during the Christmas break of 2021, while I was home from college, that the toffee's legacy was reignited. As my father prepared batches for friends, he suggested that there was still a market for our toffee. Inspired and driven by youthful ambition, I took up the mantle to revive Colorado Toffee. I dedicated myself to building a new website from scratch and spent countless hours developing and refining new candy recipes, eager to bring our family's culinary heritage to a wider audience.

Our Classic Chocolate Almond Toffee is the same family recipe that has been made for decades. Our Spicy and Salted chocolate almond toffees are personal innovations of mine that I think are absolute amazing. The Pecan and Peanut brittle are experimental candies that were too good to pass up on (The Peanut brittle is my personal favorite, I've eaten an entire pound in one evening).

We hope you try and love our candies, every one is meticulously crafted and hand made with love

- Michael - Owner / Founder / Chef, Colorado Toffee LLC